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Amoena PurFit Adjustable Enhancer Breast Form #333
  • Amoena PurFit Adjustable Enhancer Breast Form #333


    Specially designed for wear during the reconstruction tissue expansion process. This form is extra-gentle to sensitive areas as it helps balance out a woman's silhouette. Three-part system: Clear silicone shell offers shape and support; Non-irritating fiberfill for use in adjusting volume; and Soft, breathable fabric cover holds silicone shell and fiberfill. Provides a hygienic environment; cover can be hand-washed separately.


    Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.


    Style #333 from Amoena.


    • Clear Silicone
    • Fiber-fill
    • Hygienic & gentle
    • Comfortable & carin
    • Adjustable
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